Built3 Bliss 1711 HE

Chaongrit is a massive feywild fuse in sector Xalyth. It links this area of Bal-Kriav with a verdant fungal of Kriav's Underdark. Chaongrit was opened in the Horgon Era by an xvart's experiment that went awry. Asnacus Chaongrit, working from Kriav's Underdark, expanded a pin-sized rift into something more usable than one for passing air between two worlds. His experiments with nature energy and aspects of various other energies, spun out of control creating the largest known Feywild Fuse of Bal-Kriav's Underdark. Not long after its opening, Kriav's xvart, haling from the area Cursaoluhm, crossed over to Bal-Kriav. They found a massive area torn by the fissure's opening. It was new real estate to take, but nothing more since it was simply an enormous cavern with no exits. Exploration was difficult because of the area's vast size - 120 miles east to west, several wide and three to four in height and a terrain rugged and broken from a rupture that permanently joined the Underdarks of two worlds.

Chaongrit is lined with nooks and crannies, and cavern shelves with some large enough to hold the expanse of an Underdark city. In the middle area, floating amongst rubble and sand are earth motes. This floating debris are some of remnants of rock that once existed here before the fissure's expansion, while the rest was vaporized into dust. This fine dust settled to the bottom of Chaongrit among jumbles of rocks and boulders. This sandy bottom is hundreds of feet deep. For those who make their home in Chaongrit, this desert-like floor is perhaps the most dangerous, with huge purple worms preying on anything smaller and slower than themselves.

The vast area of Chaongrit is home to tens of thousands of xvart and many other creatures of two worlds. When the xvarts came to this area they began to tunnel outward in different directions. This mining took hundreds of years to break into areas of interest. The first civilization to suffer the raiding of the xvart were the drow of Eldalweril. Since the xvart reproduced so rapidly, and have seemingly unlimited numbers, Eldalweril's leaders often decided to pay them off rather than fight an even costlier war.

Edalweril succumbed to the Angrods in the High Down War.
When Edalweril fell to the surface elves, other Underdark groups moved in and took their territory. This brought Chaongrit's xvart into conflict with the people of Urthin-Mejin. The drow of this empire, like those of Edalweril, continue to fight the xvart in genocidal fashion - poison gases, earthquake spells, fire, and other acts of extermination on a race they say breeds like rats.