Vuzaras Oven

Vuzaras Oven
RegionNorthern Hordelands, Phangul
Created12 Brightstar 38 HE

Early in the Horgon Era, a fire troll named Vuzara found the dragon orb Zuwuth Uv Enkii. Using it on a nearby mountain, she magically turned it into a volcano. Since that time, Vuzaras Oven has been an active volcano. Sited in the icy range of Fros Idar, its lava tubes descend into the dark reaches of Olvagny, through the waters of the Heliotrope Sea to fiery regions far below.

From her volcano, Vuzara ruled as a merciless tyrant. Nearing the end of her lifespan, Vuzara gave up her life energy for its opposite, becoming a lich. As an undead, she ruled for more than three centuries (62 HE - 392 HE). Her minions were mostly fire trolls and gnolls, and a few red dragons under the leash of her sinister dragon orb.

Vuzaras Oven is dotted with ruins. Outside are old towers and strongholds, lairs of beasts, robbers, and more terrible things. The areas within the volcano, a honeycomb of passages and chambers, are just as bad. Built by enslaved hill and stone giants, these place are huge.

In 392 HG, Vuzara was killed by a stone giant champion named Grazafar. Unable to secure the area after four years, it was left a ruin.

Some of the passages going through Vuzaras Oven are trade routes linking the surface with the dark reaches below. The safer passages are those used by the Gnemdos Trade Network, others descend into the deeps of Phangul, to pirate bases along the Heliotrope Sea and to more civilized places like Dienkigec.

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