Esto'khar Conflict

Period1633 HE - 1801 HE
BelligerentsDraguron Syndicate
Itu Esto'khar, other natives of Esto'khar

The Esto'khar Conflict was a period of conflict between the Draguron Syndicate and the natives of Esto'khar. The largest of these "unruly" natives were the Itu Esto'khar. This 10,000 strong tribe and many smaller ones fought battles and wars with each other and the bigger threat, the Syndicate, for over a century.

The Syndicate started this conflict with the building of Dragur, a forward operating base. With Cloud Citadel buyers wanting silver and platinum, paying four times market, the Syndicate wanted access or the resources of Itu Esto'khar. The Syndicate strategy was a methodical one, buying your enemies, sowing dissent, and wearing down the opposition; while losing as few lives as possible.