OwnerIvory Asylum (Duraigosân)
Built16 Temporal 1053 HE

Kol'taa, a name that simplifies an Aquan word, was built by the Hydrocur. A people preferring to live underwater, they built most of this settlement in the coastal waters adjacent to Karë's southern cliffs. As their Elderaunt population increased, the stronghold was expanded to accommodate those that served them better on the surface. Like the submerged areas, this surface area was made of living coral.

When the Hydrocur were driven out, Kol'taa remained a ruin for nearly five hundred years. It was a haven for watery monstrosities, the results of the Hydrocur's failed experiments with Creation. Late in the First Epoch, Ivory Asylum reclaimed the area. The lower areas of the fortress were sealed off.

Kol'taa is an alien appearing place resembling a deep sea fortress. It guards the sea lanes to Acodrix and Ginnoth. The 300' high sea cliffs of this bastion not only make the place nearly impregnable from sea attacks, but also add to the firing range of its cannons. Kol'taa's garrison employ squads of stone giants for crewing three batteries of Cyclops Harbor Cannons. The most potent weapon of this fortress is a long-range artillery piece called Ole' Faithful.

Civilization Tree
Ivory Asylum