RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceBlue Dragon
Title6th Dominion Lord
Alignmentlawful evil
Died13 War March 946 HE

In the Horgon Era, Resalth came into great wealth. Some say he stumbled upon a great horde, other says he was from a line of blue dragons that had a long history of becoming satraps, lords, and positions of even greater power. Early in the Horgon Era, Resalth flew to the Aerie of Dragons, establishing a lair and gathering intelligence on the peoples around. Four centuries into said era, on 21 Artifice 485 HE, tributes, raids, and the helping of his family's great fortunes were put into the construction of a massive fortress where dragons could comfortably move around. Some towers, carved into the spire-like peaks of the Iron Talons, were built so that only those on the wing could reach them. Named Resalth Watch, it served as Resalth's base of operations as he planned and campaigned to bring in tribute and secure an area that was being probed from the west by the Kriistvrii of Suf Sungaar.

Resalth's campaigns to bring some unity and greater purpose to the land around did not go well. It would be three centuries before Resalth found a field commander with the skill to outwit his opponents.

In 887 HE, Resalth became the head of an empire built on the conquests of him and his general. Balfroglemis, the general, with no interest in politics, left the government in the hands of his friend Resalth, and even agreed upon the empire's naming, the Dominion of Resalth (887 HE - 946 HE). To those of his family, spread across Bal-Kriav and Kriav, he earned the title 6th Dominion Lord. It would be short-lived though, for in the Zeymah'kein Resalth War (933 HE - 946 HE), Resalth met his end, his lands and subjects falling under the control of the Zeymah'kein Empire.

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