Bruh Gevul Fog Shroud

Platinum Aerie
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasFog Shroud
Ownervassal city-state (Ashmerthoon)
Founded13 Saunas 9255 GE
MapKrein Jusk

Bruh Gevul is along the northwestern spur of Sendaar Jusk. The town claims territory as far west as Maar Gosvah and into the Sands of Hell.

In the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE) this ancient hold was built by the Silt Fist Legion serving under Bahamut. It was constructed at Sendaar Jusk to threaten the armies of Tiamat in Lok Gevild. It also served as a base for harrying the demon hordes under Orcus. The place got the name Bruh Gevul, which is Draconic for Fog Shroud, after the destruction of a powerful magical device. This relic, forged by the exiled primordial Talos, was destroyed in the 10th Siege of Bruh Gevul. When this happened, a fog blanketed the entirety of the valley Bruh Donin, and has never lifted. The fortress finally fell with the defenders approaching under cover of the fog and assailing the previously impregnable defenses of the place. Four months later, the conquerors abandoned Bruh Gevul after being recalled to help defend against the armies of Bahamut moving towards Gelok Himdah.

After the First Dragon Wake, the Silt Fist Legion and other units under Bahamut were disbanded. The Dezellâm that served in the army and the freed Dezellâm slaves of Ghak continued to work on Bruh Gevul. They turned the place into a monumental edifice most suited for dragons. The central feature of the town is the Platinum Aerie. This towering structure rises high above the town and has dozens of dragon-sized chambers reachable only be flying. It took them twenty years to complete the Platinum Aerie and when they were done, they abandoned Bruh Gevul and returned to the Sands of Hell.

In 1614 HE, refugees of the Mir'piamauza Empire, recently fallen, began the rebuilding of this ancient ruin. Successive generations along with other races have come to make this city a melting pot of many different races. The people have long remained neutral in the affairs of the rise and fall of empires in the Aerie of Dragons and those north of the Sands of Hell. Some have even made the claim that the tranquility and grace in Platinum Aerie's design has something to do with making the populace act a bit too much like the Dezellâm.

The city's Piamauza control much of the town's trade and industry. Bruh Gevul serves as a major trade hub for trade between empires north of the Sands of Hell and those in the central and southern areas of the Aerie of Dragons. Trade caravans from the Toomrur Hegemony, Rethmorg, Lum Trumgol Mir and Lahvirn Piiv make their way through this town and on to their next destination. The town's merchants provides services in transport, such as airships and desert skiffs to traverse the hostile elements of the Sands of Hell.

The fog of Bruh Donin makes Bruh Gevul's deadly tiered walls, bristling with ancient siege engines, of little use today. They are enough to keep raiders at bay, but a large army can approach under the cover of fog right up to the walls and under the fire of most of the city's outer defenses. Bruh Gevul was built to garrison an army of 50,000, making it much larger than the current population can use.

Bruh Gevul is a vassal city-state to Ashmerthoon. They are largely independent yet must contribute a token part of their treasury to Ashmerthoon on an annual basis.

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