Sundering of Ghol Markúl

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago
Period14 Bloom 1003 HE

In the 10th century of the Horgon Era, the Abâthigûr were pushing their territory claims in the direction of Tuc'hoom. They sought total subjugation of the empire's merfolk and annexation of all their lands. Tuc'hoom refused to become a tributary or anything less than absolute independence. The Durkoth pressed their superiority in strength, technology, and their most adept warriors of the seas, the Hydrocur, against the feeble forces of Tuc'hoom. Five years into the Naudvar War, Abâthigûr's armies came within sight of the enemy capital. The merfolk of Tuc'hoom, devout beyond measure to Poseidon, seemingly on cue, bowed their heads and then let out screeching undersea sounds, which in the merfolk tongue, was a plea for help to Poseidon.

In violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, Poseidon answered the call of his worshipers by sending nearly a hundred whales to the Ghol Markúl. These whales attacked the island in unison, sending cones of sonic energy into it. This sonic energy was of such magnitude and strength that it burst the organs of everything on the island and for twenty miles beyond it. The attacked splintered Ghol Markúl into several large islands and numerous smaller islands.

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