RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded12 Hollow 441 HE
MapEnkii Jusk

In 441 HE, Piamauza settlers under the priestess Gira'gah established Kathodrarg in one the canyons of Skein Tus. Over time, it grew to cover all of this canyon, both outside and inside. Gira'gah, a devout follower of Asmodeus, had her people build a fortified temple to Asmodeus and then encampments about the area. After discovering gold and adamantine in a nearby canyon, the empire began to grow with trade between the Tulukhan and the eldritch giants of Hokzii Stov.

Kathodrarg was once the capital of Bael Turath. Its been thousands of years since the empire fell, but the might and magic of the former Piamauza empire still holds much of this city together. The black ominous walls of the place are pitted and scarred from the powerful diabolic magic that was once liberally practiced here. At night, some tantulhor street lamps light up with their eerie glows. Many of the ruin's fountains, decorated with devilish depictions and statues, still spew forth water. The basins of some are cracked or broken; spilling their waters down streets or into drains leading beneath the city into ancient foreboding labyrinths that cover an area of the Underdark twice the size of Kathodrarg's surface.

Outside the surface ruin, for miles in all directions going outward into the rugged canyon riddled land of Skein Tus are towers built in the visage of a warrior. These towers vary in design with the armor style indicative of the period in which they were erected.

Today, Kathodrarg is a nightmarish place haunted by ghosts and spirits and with sounds like cries of agony, haunting laughter, and whispers from out of nowhere. These panic most if they remain more than just an hour and have driven the weak-willed to become cunning murderers. The ruins are littered with bones and skulls from the thousands of Piamauza that perished when Kathodrarg was stricken with pestilence and disease. These poor souls perished in the Bael Turath Civil War (1608 HE - 1612 HE), abandoned to die alone and are said to be the reason why the place is a haven for ghosts and other malevolent spirits. By 1617 HE, the city was entirely abandoned. For nearly a decade after, wandering beasts and others that entered the ruin succumbed to virulent diseases. Fifty years later, an expedition returned to Kathodrarg backed by a large cadre of healers and found the disease to have died out, yet were unable to survive the perils of marauding monsters and a few otherworldly creatures still lurking about since the heyday of Bael Turath.

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