Fort Hellstorm

Fort Hellstorm
OwnerOrchish Empire
Built29 Bliss 1311

Fort Hellstorm is a orc built bastion sited along Hellstorm Pass. It is a strategic fort serving as a way-point for caravans, and a provisioning post for Orchish Empire patrols. Many Bloodbeard bandits lurk in the foothills and mountains surrounding Fort Hellstorm. Today, they are more a nuisance than a threat, but when the place was first built and the century that followed, it was not uncommon for an orc patrol to return and find the place in the hands of the dwarves.

The fortress was built initially as a bulwark against jara raids and to place a stake of control in the area. The jara have long since given up this route in favor of using the woodlands to the north and south of the Giant Steps.

Beneath Fort Hellstorm is Nir-Madyin. This subterranean place used to be the abode of Drog'paagol. He was evicted from it after the Battle of Fort Hellstorm. The mysterious Phaze Keep is at the heart of Nir-Madyin.

Notable Areas