RegionAerie of Dragons
Built9 Temporal 512 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

Vadrarg was built in the Horgon Era by the fire giants. During the reign of Talothand, it was the southernmost bastion of the kingdom. In 761 HE, in one of the common flare-ups between Arkhosia and Talothand, the keep was surrounded and cut off from communications. Rather than perishing they betrayed their kin, and took to serving as Arkhosian mercenaries.

Vadrarg is built around the northern rim of Agiid Hil. In addition to the massive external fortress, there is an equally large internal complex of fortified areas. These areas are home to fire giants, fire trolls, several red dragons and numerous other humanoids and monsters. During the rumbles and tremors of Agiid Hil, the Vadrarg hell hound kennels erupt into a cacophony of barking and howling.

There are many factions within this sprawling bastion. The leadership of the place often changes due to the internal strife and jockeying for leadership. Sometimes the inhabitants of Vadrarg allies with Ag Envok or Oathundor. There have been cases where various factions ally with opposing powers resulting in heavy internal fighting within the fortress.

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