Nizgimân and its cloud rays
Founded4 Hollow 531 HE

Nizgimân is the heavily fortified capital city of Tamlêrran. The city's outer walls are built with massive blades on tracks that can be magically moved along the bottom of the walls. These were added to the walls at great expense to combat the menace of the very powerful foes that sometimes come against the place - namely armies of giants. The walls of the city are patrolled by crack troops of the Kamlêth-Girân. Supplementing this unit are the normal city guard and specially constructed golems built for hurling boulders. The most fearsome defense of the Nizgimân is the city's magic. Guards have access to wands of the elements, like fire, cold, and lightning, and those of dispelling magic and creating walls. Tamlêrran also has the highest concentration of magic-using people in the realm, so the city can call upon thousands of spell-casters.

To see the concerted fire-power of Nizgimân would make you think you had died and passed on to the realm of the gods. Volleys of magic missiles from hundreds of casters, seemingly endless ice storms, barrages of fireballs filling the sky, any arcanist would surely think the Web of Magic would buckle and tear, but it does not, the wizards of this far northern region seem to have a understanding of the Web that places them on the level of Lith-Crillion web weavers of ancient times.

- Garastar Tîr, emissary from the Council of Bile

The city's air defenses consist of skyships , squads of griffon riders, and cloud rays. The cloud rays are used to grab giants and then drop them from great heights.

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