Third Burn

Period1504 HE - 1522 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Arkhosia VS
Bael Turath
Hiznaar GozKrein Jusk

The Burns, or Burn Wars, were conflicts between Bael Turath and Arkhosia.

Thirty years after the Second Burn, the Third Burn started when Arkhosia sought passage of the wetlands north of Yat├║rz. This area was claimed by Bael Turath, and they intended to stop any trespassing of it. The reason Arkhosia forced passage of Bael Turathian territory was because they were driven by a Dragon Lord seeking to bring down a nation of Tiamat worshipers. This nation was Galirkrad, friend and valuable trading partner of Bael Turath. Another reason for the war, was payback. Arkhosia was itching to test their meddle and redeem honor lost in the First and Second Burns.

As a result of Bael Turath declaring war on Arkhosia, the Dragon Lord Dinok'suf was unable to reach Galirkrad's capital Viing Prolgiid. Galirkrad and Bael Turath joined forces, driving Arkhosia back across Naas Horit. The dragon-blooded armies suffered even more, losing Sahqo Nah and Diiv Revakaad. A peace treaty was then signed with Arkhosia giving up all claims east of Lotlom Vund.

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