First Burn

Hiznaar Goz
Period1216 HE - 1225 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Arkhosia VS Bael Turath
MapKrein Jusk

The Burns, or Burn Wars, were conflicts between Bael Turath and Arkhosia. The first conflict began five years after the founding of Varrogrith. It started with a relic seeking company (sponsored by Arkhosia) were in Por Trumgol seeking the Tauth'ghourn Hoard. When Bael Turath learned of what they were looking for, they also sent in explorers to find Tauth'ghourn's lost treasure. Bael Turath then began building fortifications near the river Naas Horit - thus laying claim of the all the territory between them and Varrogrith. The First Burn lasted nine years and resulted in the defeat of Bael Turath. There fortifications along the river were leveled with the treaty forbidding anyone from staking claim to land between the river and Tauth'ghourn.

The Treaty of Naas Horit did not stop each state from continuing to sponsor expeditions in the fruitless search for Tauth'ghourn Hoard. Both sides continued to fight through these intermediaries for years to come yet the diplomats kept it from turning into another Burn.

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