Titan Empires

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The Titan Empires were nations ruled by the giants and the titans during the Lith-Crillion Era, Horgon Era and into the early part of the First Epoch. These empires were scattered across the great expanse of Brucrumus and into the seas around it. For the most part, these empires were evil and sought to subjugate all of those around them, including other Titan Empires. Skuttirk was the only good empire. This undersea empire ruled from the deep waters south of Hells Womb.

Some of these empires fell to rival Titan Empires, but most fell to the growing populations, advancement, and military might of the smaller humanoids around them.

The ruins of these empires are scattered across many regions. Some of the giants that ruled these places were the first giants to come to Bal-Kriav. Long ago, their ancestors were soldiers of the primordial armies that fought in the Creation War. When the primordials were defeated by the gods and their angelic armies, and driven back to Chaos, many of their minions, like the giants, were abandoned to their own designs.

The Titan Empires
EmpireGiant TypesPeriodRegion
Aslauthroastorm, cloud, fomorian9 HE - 1891 HE
C√Ľngin-Zarstone, hill275 HE - 1533 HE Tribe Steppes
Glangveiffrost314 HE - 31
Hofthormfire145 HE - 101 Cinazan
Saer Erkjorgeldritch1592 LE - 1535 HE Ice Cap
Skuttirkstorm741 HE - ?? Sea of Mourning
Talothandfire212 HE - 780 HE Aerie of Dragons
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