Klo'nah Lomok Sandfury Bay

Created4 Witchrite 1890 HE

Klo'nah Lomok is a long bay that cuts through the Sands of Hell. It empties into the channel ocean Erethor.

Klo'nah Lomok is an unnaturally formed bay. It was created in the Horgon Era from the unbridled fury of a god. Poseidon, angered when his temples were sacked by a rival sect of Talos worshipers, sunk the southern end of the Arskels and with it wiped out the storm giant city Hleirim and its population. This direct intervention in mortal affairs, a violation of the Mandate of the Heavens unnerved other Higher Powers and is said to be the reason why The Balance came about. When the highlands of Arskel collapsed, it allowed the ocean waters of Erethor to flood into the Sands of Hell creating the bay known today as Klo'nah Lomok.

The bay is generally shallow in most parts affording draft for barges only. The main channel near the center is usable by ocean going craft but sand bars are quite common and require routine dredging by commercial interests in the region.

Klo'nah Lomok is a commercial route for those seeking to reach the ports of the Toomrur Hegemony and the dwarven mountain holds of Rethmorg.

The ocean winds coming up the bay result in fierce sandstorms along its coasts and into the interior of Miradelgûn and are compounded by the unrelenting winds of the Sands of Hell.

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