Spire of Krak-Oth Svoghast Helas

CategoryMarvels, Voidships
TypeHelas Vessel
AliasSvoghast Helas
OwnerOrchish Empire
Built28 Lunar 1812 DE

Like other Helas Vessel, this "Spire" has an otherworldly appearance with sharp jagged features. The surface of the massive edifice is deep black with dimensions exactly like her sister vessels. Its creator named it after the living engine at the ship's core, a sentience named Svoghast Helas; a being spawned in the Creation War by a primordial mastermind named Beldileck.

After the primordials were defeated in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), rather than having them captured, the Helas Vessels were set adrift in the Void. The Covenant went to great lengths to find them; they rightly feared this technology could be a game-changer for any who found even one of these ships.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, four Helas Vessels landed on the world of Osâchar. In an area of Durkoth civilization, a people then very tribal, these ancient primordial-built vessels brought about great advances and change.

In 537 HE, the Helas Vessels were used to escape a world under siege. Osâchar was left to the hunger of the illithid invaders. In deep hibernation for three centuries, upon reaching the world of Bal-Kriav in 862 HE, the arks landed scattered across the world. The Svoghast Helas, to become better known as the Spire of Krak-Oth, landed in sector Mirtheon of the Grashakh Region. The passengers were the then mortal Krak-Oth, 4,000 Durkoth, and nearly 12,000 Theegan slaves. In 863 HE they founded the settlement of Argruxiel. From this hold, Durkoth influence spread west under the banner of the Ak'mrîtun Empire (872 HE - 49) and its future god-emperor.

In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire pushed into sector Mirtheon of the Grashakh Region. On 9 War March 1146, they built Fort Gháshulg near the Spire. Blac'drugulois, then but a leader of a federation of orc tribes, took the Spire as his new palace. Over the centuries that followed, Gháshulg, future capital of the Orchish Empire, came to surround the Spire of Krak-Oth.