Tazu HidyalCube Zealots

AliasesCube Zealots
HeadquartersBelras Foroderch
Alignmentsany, chaotic tendency

Tazu Hidyal is an ancient order of psionic wielding monks and arcanists. The origins of the group can be traced back to the Horgon Era when Shou researchers formed a group to study an arcane battery called COA 411. They put forth the theory that this Cube of Arcane was linked to the Web of Magic. They have continued their research and self-imposed guardianship of the Cube ever since. Because of a history of acting like guardians and sometimes fanatics, they came to be called Cube Zealots. Their original name is still used in circles where they are being paid respect.

The group has suffered many internal conflicts and "cleansing". This has usually come about from those who have taken their guardianship role too far or sought to abuse the great magic of the Cube of Arcane. When the Khazarkar Empire came to Cinazan, they warred with them and were nearly wiped out. When Commander Âlo Ginîmar and a squadron of warships surrounded Belras Foroderch, she sent the besieged a message:

I expect you can clean up your house as good as we can. When that is done, we can negotiate terms.

- Âlo Ginîmar, ship log entry - "Message to Belras Foroderch"

What followed was a internal battle which pitted the fanatics versus the more moderate. After a couple days, the problem-makers were all killed or captured. The captured underway psychic surgery which removed their connection with the arcane.

The psionic side of the order came about from two groups. One devoted to the Cube spiritually - for just being near it makes the mind clear and mental potential a bit higher, and the other from monk psionicists fleeing persecution in Shounejo.