Bimothak is the grouping name for all the gulgar tribes of Eldimen. The gulgar are an ancient humanoid race that once served a dao empire of Granitoid. In 420 HE, they escaped to Bal-Kriav by way of a inter-system rift. In violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, the god Ptah opened a way to freedom; and in the process established a toehold on Bal-Kriav, spreading his divine influence through the Bimothak.

On Bal-Kriav, the gulgar re-established their civilization in the northern highlands of Karnegmoth. They had to fight for the land, battling stone giants and other natives.

During Ethenoran's problems with their neighbors, the Bimothak were the first to answer the call for help. When the Ethenoran confederacy was broken in the Holentur War, the gulgar had to deal with Sussgurd raiding parties and later Tinnanguth's armies.

These conflicts led to many gulgars being captured. They were tortured for their understanding of conjuration magic, namely how to summon earth elementals and open temporary rifts to Granitoid. These secrets eventually led to the summoning and enslavement of numerous dao by Tinnanguth wizards. These slaves rose up against their Tinnanguth masters in the Dao Insurection. As fate would have it, the gulgar now face the same enemies they escaped from, thousands of years before.

Even though the views of the Bimothak tribes may differ, they join forces when battling the forces of Rilirthad. Bimothak is a member of the Greenland Alliance.

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