Founded8 Kindle 1633 HE

Dragur was founded in the latter quarter of the Horgon Era by the Draguron empire. It became the empire's capital after the death of the empire's founder and leader Dragur Morerenne.

When Draguron fell, the city's streets became a battlefield for undead armies that they had created and then been consumed by. The masters of these armies were vampire lords, liches, mummy lords, and any strong enough to keep hold over an area. before host of other powerful undead fought for control of the city. Today, the ruins still hold an untold number of undead and other monsters. When Brisingr and goliath tribes were fighting the Dragurons, they dug numerous tunnels beneath the city. Many of these were collapsed when they started encountering pacts of undead and fiendish creatures. Some groups of undead removed the rubble and followed the living as far as the Ice Cap before they were lost in this vast icy expanse. The tunnels beneath the city and the Underdark beneath that are today more dangerous than the ruined streets and buildings of Dragur.

In the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire re-established themselves on the eastern coasts of Skegjold. It wasn't long before their excursions north and northeast met up with roving bands of undead out of the ruin Dragur and other desolate places from Esto'khar to the then ruin Balmoloch.

Dragur is named after the founder of the Draguron empire, Dragur Morerenne.

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