Revered Minds Lost Tentacle Fleet

AliasLost Tentacle Fleet
CommissionedLith-Crillion Era

Lost in Deep Mist is great illithid armada. Some refer to this fleet as the Lost Tentacle Fleet, but the fleet's true name is the Revered Minds.

Revered Minds is an armada of voidships built by the Suelk. This fleet had nearly 100 voidships when it was first used in the Horgon Era. In the First Suellk Invasion (135 HE - 150 HE), the illithids used this fleet to assault the githyanki and githzerai dwelling on Ghífthauk.

In the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE), the Horgon civilization was brought to ruin and forced to flee their home world. Some of the Horgon population escaped Osâchar by way of the Helas Vessels. In 538 HE, the Revered Minds pursued them into the Deep Mist and was never head from again.

Revered Minds is said to have 10 dreadnoughts and 90+ squid ships. Many of the vessels are linked to a vast installation. They were pulling this structure through the Void when they were lost in the nebulae. This void station is called Cellicum. It held the supplies, food, water, weapons, and several thousand slaves which were to support them on their journey into the unknown.

The Suelk have searched for this lost fleet for centuries. The other void-faring races of Asteraoth and Quara'tun have also sent exploration ships into the Deep Mist to find this much-prized fleet. Most ships that enter the Deep Mist also become lost or perhaps destroyed by some unknown force. The Deep Six claim that the god Ptah makes his home in the Deep Mist, and that he destroys any trespassers, but leaves the voidships intact as decorations, much like statues.