RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
FjorvirKindarum MelvadSkegjold

Esto'khar is a hilly evergreen rain forest of northeastern Cinazan and southern Ice Cap. The area's high precipitation is a side effect of the Weathermaker. In the Horgon Era, the use of this device changed the climate of the area, making it rain a lot more than what it did before Aslauthroa started using the device as part of their empire-building.

In the forest southeastern quarter, the area is riddled with old mines and ruined keeps. The mines and keeps were either made by the hobgoblins that once lived here or by the Draguron that came to dominate the area in the Horgon Era. Like the ruin Dragur, these mines and ruins are havens for undead and other marauding monsters. The mines still hold precious ores but the dangers of encountering ghosts, ghouls and other undead are enough to deter anything but desperate and foolhardy prospectors.

Esto'khar is a windy place, swept by the the chilly winds coming down from Ice Cap.

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