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Established23 Witchrite 76 HE

Isan-Kun is an ancient empire, founded in the Horgon Era by city-states that are even much older. These former city-states of Vogelak were themselves founded by deep gnomes driven from their homeland in an epic conflict between demons, angels and mortals. One group of Zythess's gnomes fled into the Krephus Sink and made their way through passages burrowed in the Creation War by the primordial worm Krephus. Callarduran, progenitor of the gnome race, was killed covering their escape from the fiendish hordes of Jurusalax. The gnomes that went into Krephus Sink became known as the deep gnomes. For the rest of the war, they fought with Covenant soldiers against demon hordes coming into sector Gullvar.

The Isan-Kun kingdom was established from a civil war that sought to unite the resources of all holds against their enemies. The crux of the matter was that fringe holds were suffering the costs and casualties of decades of conflict with frost giants, goliath, ice trolls, and Azwyr Amoruk. The bastions and city-states behind these forward lines became rich from war trade. The holds doing all the fighting and suffering felt that those in the rear didn't put up enough gold or soldiers for the war effort, only enough to see it drag on while war merchants got rich. General Isan-Kun decided on his own to put an end to this, so he turned his army around and marched on the nearest friendly at-peace city-state. Battle-trained and hardened from 30 years of conflict, Isan-Kun's forces stormed the city and crushed resistance in one night. At the site of their easy living, while the frontier holds had so long suffered, Isan-Kun turned the place of over to plunder. Over the next five years, all of Vogelak fell to his control. The collective resources of these places, along with their green soldiers, was enough to put an end to the Vogelak Siege. General Isan-Kun founded a kingdom under his name in 76 HE. His general staff and their families became the first royalty. Even after many generations, many of these families still have a tradition of military service to the kingdom with princes becoming high ranking officers from merit rather than social status.

Even after the kingdom was formed, Isan-Kun continued to be plagued by evil foes around them. They have survived so long because in and around their holds are bands of arcane energy that make spell casting quite easy. These sources of arcane energy can be tapped with all spell energy restored in the mage. Implements like wands, staffs and rods can also be charged, though this can be quite dangerous. The arcane energy flowing into Vogelak comes from the Cube of Arcane. After many magical mishaps, like the creation of dead magic zones and the disappearance of an entire city and all its people from a Cascade, the mages of the region have learned to be careful with the Cube's energy.

Many of Isan-Kun worship the god Arcana. One story for this is that priests of Arcana came to Vogelak in the Lith-Crillion Era and taught the deep gnomes how to harness the Cube's invisible magical rivulets seeping through the surface region Ice Cap and its Underdark opposite Badmaer.

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