Typelizardfolk sub-race
Creation18 Saunas 1841 DE

Firenewts are a magically bred race created in the Dawn Era by Kossuth. They were made by taking lizardfolk captives and infusing them with primordial fire; the mixing of entropic energy and fire energy. The result after an untold number of failed experiments produced a hardened lizard-like biped with resistance to fire and able to spit liquid fire. The primordials planned to use them in great numbers, in the hundreds of thousands, as cannon-fodder for the Creation War. The process of making them ended up being too slow, along with their rebellious nature, caused the primordials to scrap the plan. When the primordials were defeated, the angels and gods overseeing Bal-Kriav and other worlds decided that the firenewt species were of no threat to the realm and so were allowed to remain.

Firenewts are environment restricted, with them requiring high heat or face the possibility of entering a state of hibernation.

Late in the Creation War, primordial artificers learned how to use the blood flowing in hibernating firenewts to put others in a hibernating state. This transfusion process was put to use in the hibernation tanks that ring the central axis of the Helas Vessels.

- unknown, from the Horgon Chronicles - "Firenewt Blood"

Racial Traits
Racial as firenewt