Second Burn

Period1456 HE - 1474 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Bael Turath VS Arkhosia
Hiznaar GozKrein Jusk

The Second Burn came about from Bael Turath cutting off the flow of whale oil coming out of Berrobess. This Bael Turath hold served as the sole supplier for whale oil heading to Arkhosia. Whale oil is an aphrodisiac to the Muneyd'vith. For fifty years leading up to the Second Burn, Bael Turath's planners used this against their old enemy, getting the Muneyd'vith addicted to it. It softened them, making them more interested in love than war.

When Bael Turath stopped shipping whale oil to their addicted buyers, the Second Burn began.

Bael-Turath's command of the sea and rivers made this a difficult war for their landlocked enemies. Most of the battles between the two were among the spires of Kesk Lein and along the rivers Naas Horit and Bein Lom. The war ended up being drawn out because Bael-Turath took command of the these rivers and sought to hold what they had gained rather than go on the offensive. The war turned in Arkhosian favor when they created their own navy at the giant hold Okaaz Spiir. The giants already had a fishing fleet, but it was not trained for war. This ended up not being much of a weakness since a crew of hill giants hurling boulders turned many attacking ships to flotsom. In the second half of the war, Arkhosia took back control of the rivers and coasts and then moved their superior land forces into the lands of Varrogrith. Bael-Turath seeing that they might lose their western gem of a hold sued for peace. The Treaty of Berrobess ended the Second Burn. Once again, whale oiled flowed out of Berrobess. War reparations for Bael Turath amounted to five million gold pieces.

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