Second Burn

Period1456 HE - 1474 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Zeymah'kein VS Mir'piamauza
Hiznaar GozKrein Jusk

The Second Burn started when Mir'piamauza stopped the flow of whale oil coming out of Berrobess. A city of the Mir'piamauza Empire, it was then the sole supplier of whale oil for all of Zeymah'kein's markets. Long an aphrodisiac for the Muneyd'vith, Mir'piamauza's military planners had decided to use at as a weapon. For fifty years leading up to the Second Burn, they got Zeymah'kein's Muneyd'vith addicted to the stuff; as one put it, "it softened them, making them more interested in love than war."

A month after the flow of whale oil stopped, their addicted buyers started the Second Burn.

Mir'piamauza's command of the sea and rivers made this a difficult war for their landlocked enemies. Most of the battles between the two were among the spires of Kesk Lein and along the rivers Naas Horit and Bein Lom. Mir'piamauza took command of the rivers and sea lanes, holding their gains with a strong defense, and letting the war drain their foes economically. The war turned in Zeymah'kein's favor when they created their own navy at Okaaz Spiir. The giants were enlisted with their large fishing fleet, taking back what was lost. They then moved their superior land forces towards Varrogrith. Seeing that they might lose their western gem, the Mir'piamauza sued for peace. This Treaty of Berrobess ended the Second Burn, opening the flow of whale oil to Zeymah'kein's markets.

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