Hallabor War

Period125 HE - 130 HE
Borngring Pact VS Phaerssysn

When the Volgads were driven out of Borngring in the Lava Flood War, the victors sought to make contact with the commercial ally of their defeated foes. This was the drow city-state Phaerssysn. This city had long been a friend and trading partner of Volgad; and like them wealthy. Phaerssysn knew the ways of the Volgad conquerors - force trade upon them, then bring up injustices as a pretext of war. A policy already played with the Volgads.

Phaerssysn met the conquerors, uncivilized brutes, with hostility. The conflict between them came to be called the Hallabor War. It was named for the area Hallabor where most of the fighting occurred. An underground war, much of the conflict's fighting was done with Hofthorm's Mîmêk soldiers.

The Hallabor War ended after five years. Phaerssysn drove Kelksorli's forces out of Badmaer and for a time, away from the ruins of Imrik.