Alreirsoar, capital city of Surticon
RegionHells Womb
Founded17 Saunas 1248

In 1248, fire giants from the Dragon Wall came to the heart of Agulbandal and built a settlement overlooking Jorgeir. These first settlers have a history of greatness. They, like most fire giants east of the Dragon Wall, are descendants of the once mighty empire Talothand. As a result, Alreirsoar's fire giants are a proud people and quite civilized with a history that dates back to the early part of the Horgon Era.

Alreirsoar became the center of trade for the fire giants and other humanoids of Agulbandal. It grew to a city-state over the next one hundred years. The city is strategically sited at the heart of the volcanic lands of Agulbandal. Upon the formation of Surticon, Alreirsoar became the empire's capital.

Alreirsoar is a gargantuan city built by fire titans, stone giants, the Fyrreid, and a vast slave force. It is a very strong place, constructed of obsidian and lava stone. The front wall of the city is called Yorthrun Tor. This colossal wall links the Daughters of Surtur.

Gruthvef and Freysskorn are two lava rivers that join near the heart of Alreirsoar. These rivers begin deep in the bowels of the Daughters of Surtur. Pressure forces the lava up through the volcanoes, where they are diverted through giant-made canals towards Alreirsoar. Some of the lava flows are diverted into smaller canals which help keep forges red-hot or serve as wading areas for the fiery brutes of the city. Some lava rivulets cascade through ornate statues of Surtur, red dragons, and heroic fire titans of ages past. It then spills into one single river called Iggvid. This lava river flows south into a huge lava lake called Jorgeir. This is not the end of the lava flow, for in Jorgeir are huge drains shaped like squatting devils. They catch the lava and divert it back north through underground tubes. It ends up back where it started, in the bowels of the volcanoes where it is re-heated. This complex system was built over a period of five centuries. Do to the difficulties in the engineering of the system, the giants employed outside help in some areas of its immense construction.

Alreirsoar is a hot and smoky city. The gases of the place can kill creatures not accustomed to them. The smell of sulfur is also overwhelming. There are places on the outskirts of the city that have been made safe for visitors not used to such a hostile fiery environment.

Alreirsoar has Metal Clearing Houses which by virtue of the amount of business they do, sets the market prices for metals from the far southern-western port of Vraga Moltus to the distant northeastern port of Balmoloch. The rise of the city as a major trade hub began with the rise of Surticon. It became a great trade center by virtue of location, for Alreirsoar sits at the crossroads of trade between the Lands of Purity, Hells Womb, and Grashakh.

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