RegionHells Womb

Dasath was a hobgoblin tribe that came to power in the sixth century of the Horgon Era. They were sited in the southwestern reaches of Trudnar. After subjugating a number of smaller tribes, the Dasath sought a central place where they could control them. They built a stronghold in the crater of a dead volcano called GarĂ¢tha. This stronghold was called Valefor.

The Dasath are most known for their ability to summon allies and conjure creatures from the Abyss. Most of this knowledge came to them from demons. The hobgoblin conjurers learned how to imprison those they conjured, techniques in torture, and cunning ways to extract information. In many cases, the transfer of dark secrets required that the conjurer to give up their soul to the demon; upon their death of course.

Because of the powerful conjuration magic learned at Valefor, the conjurers were able to fend off a territorial invasion by the Zeymah'kein. They summoned a horde of demons that fought with and raided Zeymah'kein's holding for the next twenty years. This conflict became known as the Zeymah'kein Valefor War (1340 HE - 1362 HE).

In 1355 HE, Valefor's demon army turned on their masters. Nearly everyone who could not escape the area by magic, was slaughtered by the demons.

Today, a few families in Vrak-Tror claim to have lineage to the Dasath.