Arskel Chime


The Arskel mountains are on the eastern edge of the Sands of Hell. In Giant, Arskel translates to Chime, a name given to them by the giants of Bastleid. They named it such because the mountains are riddled with mines and tunnels. Some of these tunnels go in one side and out the other, which seems to be a natural phenomenon of the peaks that are laden with rock crystal and porous rock. In some places, the great winds of sand coming off the Sands of Hell blow through these tunnels creating the sound of chimes. In a few areas, it is a cacophony of sound that is enough to drive one mad from prolonged exposure, shatter eardrums, and worse, like at Grynn Deigi, where the vibrations of sub-sonic sound will function just like a disintegrate spell.

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Notable Areas
  • Grynn Deigi