Vith Niigol Serpent Spear

Vith Niigol
RegionHells Womb
AliasSerpent Spear
Founded22 Lunar 1499 HE

Vith Niigol is an ancient Zeymah'kein fortress. It was constructed in the Horgon Era in unclaimed lands. It was built to serve as a way point for traders moving along Dovah Niigol Rahn. At the time, Zeymah'kein had a brisk trade with the Kamoni orcs (predecessors of the Githirmil) to the south and west as far as the Eärendur city-state Yis-Lorill.

In 1312, githyanki separatists fleeing the results of Har'kish Civil War (1292 - 1312), moved into what had become a ruin. They cleared it of hobgoblins and other beasts, rebuilding and fortifying the place. Their time here was short. Six years later they were tracked down by the Har'kish Empire. With their own spies still in the Har'kish empire, they learned the force being sent against Vith Niigol had orders to give no quarter. The separatists fled on their arrival, going into the deep labyrinth beneath the place and then escaping into Ufthag. Most of them made their way southwest to Undercity. In this city beneath a city, the local magistrate said for financial reasons they would not be given protection from those that pursued them, but if they go topside, to Paradomea City, they would surely find whatever they seek. Impressed with the new arrival's discipline, determination, intelligence, and military training, Paradomea's enigmatic rulers, the Council of Nine decided to put their skills to good use. The Githlar√Ęk, a crack military unit, would come from this decision.

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Vith Niigol