V i i n g   P r o l g i i d Wing Tamer

Viing Prolgiid
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesWing Tamer
Founded9 Saunas 1293 HE
MapKrein Jusk

Viing Prolgiid was founded by cultists devoted to Tiamat. They were exiles of the great Kriistvrii empire Zeymah'kein, hunted by the crusaders of the Platinum Inquisition (1279 HE - 1290 HE). For a time, Viing Prolgiid was home to more Tiamat worshipers than any other place of the realm. When the Galirkrad empire was established in 1301 HE, Viing Prolgiid became her capital.

Viing Prolgiid is sited near the heart of the valley Sotiisk'lum. The surrounding mountains supplied the city with demiurgic iron, gold, and an abundance of gemstones. They traded these raw materials for grains and other foodstuffs from Vaknor Gevild and Varrogrith.

In 1725 HE, the city was sacked by the kobold hordes of Ashmerthoon. The fall of this city brought an end to the empire Galirkrad and reduced Viing Prolgiid to ruin.

Beneath the ruins of Viing Prolgiid is a vast underground complex called Neben-Skerah. This place survived the Ashmerthoon onslaught, becoming the headquarters of Whitefang and into the First Epoch a powerful Underdark city-state.

At the heart of Viing Prolgiid is the Godstone. This ancient obelisk has runes about the creation of a fell creature during the Creation War. The rise of this god-made monster created the ring of mountains Rah Burdah and forever tainted them and the valley within it.

The iron latticeworks around the hecatoncheires was destroyed when the terror was given life. A shower of iron blasted outward like a volcanic eruption. The iron smoked and turned mottled green. Wherever it landed, it sunk back into the earth.

- The Godstone, creation of Demiurgic Iron

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