RegionIce Cap
MapKhalas Valley

Ice Cap is largely one great glacial valley flanked by icy snow covered peaks. The western glacial basin of this icy expanse is Khalas. In this valley are the bastions of Brisingr and the ruins of fallen empires. Many of the ruins dotting this chilling valley are the remnants of Cûngin-Zar, Saer Erkjorg and Malad-Mîn.

The four main racial groups of the valley are the Turkûn, Azwyr Amoruk, frost giants, and the goliath. The Turkûn are the most peaceful group, yet maintain a vigilant guard against marauding giants, goliath and raiders out of Gamakkhazar. The Azwyr Amoruk empire Gamakkhazar is under Khalas, spread across hundreds of miles of shallow Underdark. The most dangerous place beneath the valley is Arakkhalgam.

The western part of Khalas is dotted with the ruins of Malad-Mîn. These areas are dangerous to visit, as they serve as the lair of beasts, bandits, frost giants, and sometimes things much more dangerous.

Khalas is one of the largest sources of azure crystals. These stones glow with an inner bioluminescence which makes nights in Khalas akin to traveling through the mystical woodlands on Kriav. Although common in the valley, these bioluminescent stones are non-existent in other areas of the realm. In the Third Epoch, roads were extended into this region from Cinazan. As a result, these crystals became a luxury trade product sought after by the wealthy of lands far away. This has created merchant in-fighting and increased the raiding between the peoples of Khalas.

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