CategoryHigher Powers
WorldBelierin (Elysium)
RaceCambion Graagvrii
Alignmentneutral good (Redeemed)
DomainCourage, Good, Liberation (bolstered), Planning
BirthplaceAša Ukhan
Born17 Temporal 8999 GE
Godhood3 Bloom 1011 HE

Giracian was born during the Demon Spawn War. At the time of her birth, Bal-Kriav's military sector Chen'gom had been under total demon control for two decades. This did not mean it was safe, for the demon's under Sess'innek were an unruly lot; equally happy fighting amongst themselves as against the Quara'tun Covenant.

Giracian's father was a demon, her mother a Graagvrii. The result was a half-demon Graagvrii. Not much is known about her mother except that she was a member of a mortal harem. Her wicked father was an important administrator under Sess'innek, skills that led to him being governor of Aša Ukhan for nearly two centuries. As a result of several near-successful assassinations, Sess'innek sent in his own team of babaus to watch over her father. Giracian would learn much from these highly skilled assassins.

At the age of 17, Giracian became an enforcer of her dad's will. Her cunning and wit, and skills in combat, earned her greater positions of leadership; with even the demons coming around to ask for her over demon commanders. She was a brilliant commander, though just as wicked and cruel as her demon father.

Giracian and her father reported to Sess'innek. This Demon Lord became jealous of her rising influence. Looking to see her have an accident, Giracian went on ever-more dangerous operations. On a scouting mission on the edge of demon-controlled lands, she was ambushed and captured. By way of a spy embedded in his harem, it is even said that Sess'innek tipped off the Covenant. If this is true, he made a dire mistake. Giracian found herself in Achamâz. In a secret area of this towering plateau, inside the labyrinth called Reconstruction, she was Redeemed. Her abyssal energy was exchanged with other energies, and her mind, twisted by centuries of evil deeds, was psychically repaired. Seven years later, Giracian was back on the battlefield, fighting alongside those she had once fought against.

Like she did with the demons, Giracian was so good at acquiring a following that some Covenant leaders grew jealous. Lukoon is most noted for spreading rumors of the danger of tampering with demons. Ptah, a Reconstruction lab coat, didn't help the matter by covering his work, saying that you can only fix so much of the mind, any more and risk turning the patient into a vegetable.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Aša Okil
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Determined+1 on Fortitude savesnone
Water in the Bloodgain water-breathing equal to that possessed by a Graagvriipriests
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