Typemedium to large humanoid (dragon-blood)
Creation14 Saunas 996 HE

In 862 HE, an alien race called the Durkoth came to Bal-Kriav in their great void ships, the Helas Vessels. One of these arks landed in the dreary wetlands of Fiit Storn. From the bowels of the vessel Girothe Helas, better known today as the Spire of Neld-Rac, the Durkoth came out with their minions. The leader of this advanced civilization, far from their home world, was Neld-Rac. Unlike the other Durkoth leaders, he was more interested in lab work than dominating the populace around him. His experiments led to the creation of the Muneyd'vith race. Their forays into the countryside were bloody affairs with them seeking to enrich themselves while collecting specimens for their Durkoth masters. They looted and plundered, and sometimes got wildly out of control. The method of calming them down was whale oil. Addictive stuff for the Muneyd'vith, it turned anger to lust, a sedative that would calm them or send them out looking for a mate. The only race that provided offspring were female hobgoblins. It was a surprise to both parents, when the offspring were not half-breeds, but instead an entirely new race.

The first hobgoblin mother saw her child as a blessing from Tiamat. One of the land's masters, Neld-Rac, gave her the honor of naming this new race. She chose the word Aggorath after a legendary hobgoblin general that served under her in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE).

The hobgoblin mother did not keep her son for long. Neld-Rac took the specimen back to his Spire for study. Neld-Rac learned that making more would come naturally, and rapidly, since the Muneyd'vith see the Aggorath as good soldiers to carry out their bidding.

- Olura, homunculus biographer of Neld-Rac - "Aggorath Genesis"

Today, most Aggorath are born of Aggorath parents. When they mate with other humanoids, the offspring is always a pure blooded Aggorath.

If wounded in combat, an Aggorath has a chance of entering a frenzied state called Bloodlust. This can result in a killing spree lasting a long time for the weak-willed. In times of war, Tiamat's Aggorath high priests are granted spells that allow them to insight mass numbers of their people with this blood-lust.

Aggorath are 6'-8' tall humanoids with a lithe muscular build. They have green and black scaled skin, and serpent eyes like those of dragons. Their features are sharp, some have wings and tails, but this is rare. They are not comely, and generally smell like a volcanic waste. They have a pride streak in them just like their dragon ancestors. The can subsist on any matter; they prefer meat raw, but won't blink an eye on putting down a fly and maggot infested kill.

Aggorath's average 175 to 275 pounds and have a lifespan of 250 years.

Racial Traits
Brute Force +4 Strength
Serpent Grace +2 Dexterity
Durkoth Brute -2 Intelligence
Spoiled Soul inherently evil
Dragon Spring spring 20', 1/turn
Dragon Insight +2 Athletics, +2 Perception
Bloodlust enter blood-lust - 1% chance per point of damage taken, can control the state with a successful saving throw (Will DC15)
Lifespan 250 years