Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesDemogorgon, Thasmudyan
EnemiesDead Ancestors, Shounejo
FounderElygore Tiya'lith
Established29 Dreamer 1862 HE

Tiya'lith is a chaotic evil empire largely led by feudal lords answering to an autocratic overlord. As a result of the chaotic nature and wickedness of its population, lawlessness is rife and usurpation of leadership happens quite often.

Tiya'lith has an evil, corrupt, and chaotic society where loyalty is a convenience. Insurrections, rioting, and destruction are hallmarks of the empire. Her armies are always in a state of war with someone.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Way of the Tiya'lith"

The overall goal of the empire is domination of Shounejo. They despise these law abiding people south of them and the way in which they practice Geejudan.

There are two strong churches in this empire, both terribly evil and having a strong effect on the people and their actions. Qamral's Church of Thasmudyan became the greatest across Midrêth after the crippling defeat of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). For a time, they got a lot of attention by Thasmudyan leading to widespread practices of necromancy that continue to this day. When the Black Tide rebuilt their forces, the Qamral Church of Thasmudyan was relegated to second after the one at Mularûn. The other powerful religious body influencing Tiya'lith society are the demon worshipers of Demogorgon. Their shrines and churches are spread all over the place and often in as much conflict among themselves as with enemies of the state.

Tiya'lith is self-sufficient, thus its leaders care little for trade and see nation building fulfilled through territorial aggrandizement. This does not mean there are no merchants for trade does flourish with similarly aligned groups in the Underdark.