Incarsabec Rebellion

slave decapitates master
Period1531 HE - 1544 HE
TheaterGhífthauk, Lamúrog, Ráglauth
Belligerentsslaves - githyanki, githzerai, others

The githyanki and githzerai have a history of conflict that goes back to their origins on Ghífthauk. Early in the Horgon Era, right after they had exhausted themselves in a century long war, they were invaded by an illithid empire from a nearby moon. Up until this conflict, the First Suellk Invasion, the people of Ghífthauk had never seen or heard of the mind flayers. The invasion lasted a few years, with the githyanki and githzerai ending up as slaves or fodder for their brain-eating attackers. They then spent nearly fourteen centuries serving the illithids. The enslaved peoples were allowed to copulate and carry on a semblance of a normal life. All of this was part of the illithid plan not to wipe out the indigenous humanoid population like what they did on Ráglauth.

There were times where it felt like we were free, but then our settlement would come up in the lottery and suffer the fate of being pruned by our illithid overlords.

- unknown, from a journal found at Incarsabec - "The Flayer Occupation"

The Incarsabec Rebellion was a slave uprising across the Suellk Empire. It began in the illithid capital Incarsabec, then like a flame, fanned out across Ghífthauk and her two moons. The leader of this rebellion was a githyanki by the name of Gith.

In 1531 HE, the Incarsabec Rebellion began. The githyanki and githzerai put aside their differences for now, and united against their common foe. They unleashed genocidal attacks on the illithids, creating devastating psychic storms and unleashing virulent viruses to devour the minds of their enemies. Cities were captured and wars were fought to reclaim them, leaving many places in ruins. The rebellion fanned out across the occupied lands of Ghífthauk and to the planet's moons Lamúrog and Ráglauth.

It is thought that close to a million souls were lost in the war. During the conflict, tens of thousands of slaves escaped their masters and the devastation occurring behind them. The planet and its moons were turning into nightmarish places plagued with psychic storms. Psychic viruses, created long ago by the githzerai to accelerate healing and restoration of the mind, were corrupted so that instead of healing they would eat away at host's mind. These viruses quickly got out of control and had to run their course which would last for decades. The githyanki and githzerai escaped the desolation of Ghífthauk and its moons by way of Suellk transportation devices called the Silver Mirrors. These were used before the war by the illithids to cross great distances, including worlds, by stepping into them and focusing their psychic energy on the destination. Most of the githyanki and githzerai left for the Astral Sea, knowing that this was one place that the illithids were reluctant to go too.

The Suellk population on Ghífthauk and its moons ended up dying from mind destroying psychic viruses. The Suellk were greatly weakened by this civil war. They lost 75% of their population, including slaves. The empire slowly rebuilt itself in the occupied Horgon lands on Osâchar.

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