Incarsabec Rebellion

slave decapitates master
Period1531 HE - 1544 HE
TheaterGhífthauk, Lamúrog, Ráglauth
Belligerentscivil war - Suellk

Early in the Horgon Era, exhausted from a series of wars, the Githyanki, Githzerai and other peoples of the world Ghífthauk found themselves under invasion. The invaders were mind flayers from the nearby moon Ráglauth. This First Suellk Invasion (135 HE - 150 HE), ended with the githyanki and githzerai peoples in chains. They were farmed, serving as a labor force and sating their master's desire for eating brains.

The Psyche Intake, a government department of the Suellk Empire, took a different approach with their new subjects on Ghífthauk. They wanted their slaves to carry on a semblance of a normal life; with increasing their numbers the primary goal. It was a new way of dealing with the conquered, in contrast to what happened back on Ráglauth, the Suellk home world, where they wiped out the indigenous humanoid population faster than it could replace its numbers.

There were times where it felt like we were free, but then our settlement would come up in the lottery and suffer the fate of being pruned by our illithid overlords.

- unknown, from a journal found at Incarsabec - "The Flayer Occupation"

After 1400 years of servitude, a coordinated slave uprising rocked the Suellk Empire. It began in the capital city Incarsabec, then like a flame, fanned out across Ghífthauk and her two moons. The leader of this rebellion was a githyanki by the name of Gith.

Under the leadership of Gith, the githyanki and githzerai put aside their differences, uniting against a common foe. Gith's rebels unleashed genocidal attacks on the illithids, unleashing virulent psychic viruses and creating psychic storms.

It is thought a million lives were lost in this war. For a long time thereafter, the planet and her moons were nightmarish places plagued with storms of psychic energy feeding on anything with above animal intelligence. The illithid population on Ghífthauk and Ráglauth suffered greatly from all this, so much that the world Osâchar was rapidly becoming Suellk's new seat of power.

There were too many to save, and more importantly the risk of catching the virus and spreading it to clean colonies to great, so they all died. It will be better now, fresh new ideas, new leaders, new directions, and more brains to go around.

Tech'gi, an illithid speaking before for the Young Minds Convention - "The Next Generation"

Most of the githyanki and githzerai that escaped all of this, numbering in the tens of thousands, fled to the Astral Sea.

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