Dominon of Resalth

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
CapitalResalth Lingraav
Hill Giant10%
Fire Giant5%
EnemiesLumnaar Hok, Zeymah'kein
Reign887 HE - 946 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

The Dominon of Resalth came about after a very old blue dragon named Resalth began taking control of territory and peoples of southern Shik Lingrahso and into northern parts of Tu Naar. For a time, the Kriistvrii of Lumnaar Hok were the nascent empire's biggest rival, with each laying claim to the ore-rich Ag Krenok valley.

Resalth did not intend to build an empire, it just happened when his top general, and former mercenary friend Balfroglemis proved to be a brilliant and charismatic leader. Together, they raised a powerful army of Kriistvrii, Muneyd'vith, fire giants, hill giants, bugbears, and kobolds. The Kriistvrii contingents were mountain dwelling folk claiming bloodlines to the Vex Viing that served under Bahamut in the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE). With a violent history, mercenaries, they were never welcomed by the cultured types of holds like Lumnaar Hok. As such, they were eager to join someone with the might to put Lumnaar Hok in their place.

The fire giants joined the growing empire when Resalth, Balfroglemis and three thousand Vex Viing clansmen opened up the Goldrah Fusvok Rahn. They battled through a gauntlet of stone giants and then assailed the walls of Orata Iru. This massive wall, built in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) by the angels and their allies, spanned the breadth of the pass. It was so large that the stone giants lacked the numbers to appreciate its defense, a wall that held back a horde numbering close to 10,000 demons in the Nightmare Onslaught. After witnessing their combat skill and seeing the first to ever make it through the pass, the fire giants on the other side, those of the valley Vith Ruus joined up with them for the rest of the empire's reign. Today, the fire giants of this valley still tell stories of the glory days of Resalth and Balfroglemis and their armies.

The next group to join the empire were those driven by glory and domination, the Muneyd'vith.

These self-serving creatures come out of hiding when their is conflict. They assert their command, thirsting for more and more to serve under them.

- Serelath, Zeymah'kein Kriistvrii sociologist - "Muneyd'vith Inclination"

Bugbears, kobolds, and hill giants joined the Dominon of Resalth when Balfroglemis's armies marched against the Khage of Tu Naar. They set their sights on Thadir. This major hold of the dwarves was ultimately taken, but not without great cost. In the battle leading up to the siege, Balfroglemis was killed when he opened up a rift to Chaos. A year later, the March of Resalth (898 HE - 933 HE) ended.

After Balfroglemis death, Resalth could never find someone to equal him. The empire's fortunes waned over the next twelve years as various groups that had once been loyal, now sought independence. In the Zeymah'kein Resalth War, the death of Resalth ended the Dominon of Resalth.

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Resalth Lingraav
Dominon of Resalth