Second Suellk Invasion

Suellk Invasion
Period430 HE - 537 HE
Suellk VS Horgon

In 430 HE, illithid agents of the Suellk Empire began probing the world Osâchar. This took the form of small-scale raids for slaves and fodder and financing rebel activities. The focus was against the economies of Horgon and Thigûr. This campaign of disruption lasted 33 years.

In 464 HE, the big invasion began. The Suellk appeared in the skies in their void-faring ships, bombarding settlements and deploying huge numbers of ground forces. They were aided on the ground by rebel forces of mixed races, all having suffered domination and treated as lesser races to the long-ruling Durkoth. Those facing the invasion found themselves at a great disadvantage. They lacked an air defense to match the enemy's sky armada, their voidship navy Revered Minds. Horgon's leaders, the Saints of Maen, had the Helas Vessels. From their understanding of them, they were troop carriers with a destination set to an unknown world. Built for the Creation War, these Helas Vessels were primitive in their navigation, used for long journeys across the Void and incapable of atmospheric maneuvers.

In 537 HE, Horgon's leaders took the lucky few into the Void. The Helas Vessels were pursued by the Revered Minds. Pursued by enemies, the primordial arks entered the Deep Mist. The illithid armada has never been heard from again. Nearly three centuries later, the Helas Vessels that fled Osâchar began their descent through the clouds of the traveler's new home world Bal-Kriav.

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