Sahqo Nah Red Fury

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasRed Fury
OwnerLahvirn Piiv
Founded4 Bloom 9415 GE
MapHiznaar Goz

Sahqo Nah was founded by a mining company out of Diiv Revakaad. At the time, the area had one of the richest deposits of platinum in the Aerie of Dragons. By the time these mines were exhausted in the early part of the Horgon Era, a rich city-state has risen. It remained a city-state until the the rise of Arkhosia. Following in the footsteps of Diiv Revakaad, for centuries a commercial rival, Sahqo Nah's mercantile rulers bowed to the citizen's general desire to join a greater Dragonborn state.

In the Third Burn, Sahqo Nah fell to Arkhosia's enemy, Bael Turath.

When Bael Turath collapsed from internal strife, Sahqo Nah became a ruin. It would remain that way for centuries. Early in the First Epoch, it was rebuilt by Aggorath and their dragonborn slaves. It once again grew to be a city-state, a wealthy one with important resources, so it fell into the cross-hairs of Melfase, then military governor of Diiv Revakaad. In 895, after thirty years of war, Sahqo Nah was finally captured. It became a holding of the newly formed empire Lahvirn Piiv.

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