Ownerindependent city-state
Ice Troll5%
Founded3 Kindle 1402 HE
MapVul Sahsir

Neben-Skerah was built as an underground religious complex by followers of Tiamat. In 1412 HE, Galirkrad's dragon ruler was deposed by church elements seeking to bring an end to his brutality - at least that is what they preached, but it proved to be that Neben-Skerah religious leaders wanted absolute rule. There is no doubt that Tiamat was behind the push for change because at the time Galirkrad's ruler was a dictator interested in his own power rather than spreading the faith of Tiamat. When the church took over, Neben-Skerah became part of the newly governed theocratic empire.

In 1725 HE, the city above Neben-Skerah, Viing Prolgiid, was sacked by the kobold hordes of Ashmerthoon. The fall of this city brought an end to the Galirkrad Empire.

Whitefang has its headquarters here. Where it is linked with the passages to Viing Prolgiid it is enormous, where even the largest of dragons can move and fly about freely. This fortified area is built in such a way that dragons can breath into areas through conical apertures; and at the same time, attackers have great difficulty in getting to the dragon. When Galirkrad fell to Ashmerthoon, the entrances to Neben-Skerah were sealed with ancient draconic magic like cold curtains. Ashmerthoon tried to take Neben-Skerah, but suffered such losses that they abandoned the siege and then the ruins of Viing Prolgiid.

By the First Epoch, Neben-Skerah had grown into a powerful city-state with Tiamat proselytizers and Whitefang cultists spreading their influence across Adunamar and to the surface.

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