Neben-Skerah's South District
Ownerindependent city-state
Ice Troll5%
Founded3 Kindle 1402 HE
MapVul Sahsir

Neben-Skerah was built as an underground religious complex by followers of Tiamat. In 1412 HE, Galirkrad's dragon ruler was deposed by church elements seeking to bring an end to his brutality - at least that is what they preached, but it proved to be that Neben-Skerah religious leaders wanted absolute rule. There is no doubt that Tiamat was behind the push for change because at the time Galirkrad's ruler was a dictator interested in his own power rather than spreading the faith of Tiamat. When the church took over, Neben-Skerah became part of the newly governed theocratic empire.

In 1725 HE, the city above Neben-Skerah, Viing Prolgiid, was sacked by the kobold hordes of Ashmerthoon. The fall of this city brought an end to the Galirkrad Empire. Neben-Skerah survived the mayhem that followed, sealing off the passages to the sacking of Galirkrad's capital. The passages were then sealed with ancient draconic magic like cold curtains and other deadly magicks that still exist today. With the fall of their parent city, Neben-Skerah's sphere of influence switched from being a lackey to church fanatics to one of being a novice in a criminal underworld spanning the far corners of Vul Sahsir.

Neben-Skerah has four districts, the north is the oldest. It is where the passages up are sealed off with block and great magic. The southern district, with views into Viing'deyvut is a thousand feet down, but still has views to the sky above. The other two districts, east and west, are deeper places leading into the darkness of Adunamar.

Whitefang has its headquarters here. They control the one main chute to the surface that remained open even during the great siege of Viing Prolgiid. This great crevice is so enormous that even the largest of dragons can fly past the surface ruin above then across the great cavern ceiling over Neben-Skerah and south to Viing Lok. The Ashmerthoon feared what this huge cavity, the Viing'deyvut, for it was here that the Second Dragon Wake (1361 LE - 1366 LE) began, a flight of dragons awakened to stop giant's from violating a place sacred to the dragons of not only the Aerie of Dragons, but across the world.

By the First Epoch, Neben-Skerah had grown into a powerful city-state with Tiamat proselytizers and Whitefang cultists spreading their influence across Adunamar and to the surface.

Neben-Skerah is known for their arenas, gladiator pits, and deadly obstacle courses. They are the subterranean equivalent to the great arenas of Ivory Asylum.

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