Beirgnar Fingil Storm Maidens

AliasStorm Maidens
Storm Giant100%
FounderQueen Imlinn
Established4 Temporal 1512 HE

This order of female storm giants is called Beirgnar Fingil, which translates from Giant to mean Storm Maidens. It was founded in the Horgon Era by the storm giant Aslauthroan queen Imlinn. Those of great martial skill and loyal to her, were selected as the crown's elite guard. The order crew to such size, and were so effective in combat, that for nearly a century they were marked as unit available for use by the Aslauthroan army.

The storm maidens are far different today than their beginnings. When they were established by the Aslauthroan queen Imlinn, they were forbidden to take male husbands, followed strict temperance, and were required to be devout worshipers of Talos. These were only a few of the order’s restrictions. When Aslauthroa broke apart into petty fiefdoms, Griddrir was reduced to a mere city-state. The order could not survive on donations, so they hired themselves out as guards to merchants, or anyone else needing the services of crack warriors.

This order is led by a storm maiden imperator. One of the order's traditions is the passing of a legendary suit of armor from one imperator to the next. It has always passed from mother to daughter. The fact that it has been worn by so many heroes, often outshines the fact that it is made from the scales of a storied ancient blue dragon. A beast that for two centuries, Talos rode into battle. As the dragon aged, it did what dragons normally do, get stronger, wiser, and feel more self-important, seeing very few as their equal or superior. Talos, fearing that a reckoning would come, made the first move. He and a team of storm giants ganged up on the dragon, and with frightful losses, they killed the thing that Talos had once called a friend. The primordial lord also lost one of his favorite guards, and concubines, in this fight. In her remembrance, some of the dragon’s scales were used to make a traditional storm giant armor - breastplate, open-faced helm, shin and arm guards, and a kilt. This armor was named after her, Jadny-Onhi, which is Giant for Jadny’s Grace.

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