RegionIce Cap
Founded27 Bloom 8798 GE

Aemar was founded by stone giants that once served under Hettar. After their primordial leader was dispatched by Bahamut and his army defeated, the broken army of stone giants scattered into the hills and crags of Molfath. In 8798 GE, they began building a settlement along the northwestern walls of Iberak. This area was chosen for its many waterfalls and canyons descending into the glacial moraines of Ice Cap.

In the Horgon Era, it became the capital of Cûngin-Zar.

In 1533 HE, the Khalas Pact captured the city, bringing an end to the Titan Empire and leaving the place a ruin. It was never re-occupied by civilized folk because of the horrors of torture, slavery, and other heinous deeds done there during the reign of the Cûngin-Zar.

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