Lava Flood War

Period110 HE - 125 HE
TheaterCinazan, Ice Cap
Borngring Pact VS Volgad

The Borngring Pact was an alliance of fire giant tribes across Borngring and the surrounding highlands. Jealous of their neighbor's prosperity, the giants waged this war to take the territory and wealth of the Volgads. The fire giant leader Kelksorli was to write later that it was not the wealth they wanted, but a spark to unify the fire giant tribes, and bring them out of the pitiful state they had fallen into since the Creation War.

The war was called the Lava Flood War for the rivers of lava that flowed from Guldat. The fire giants used these rivers to move their armies north into the lands of the Volgads. They were also used to cook some of the enemy fortifications by surrounding them with channels of lava or when the land suited, flood them with lava.

The greatest and final battle of this war was the Siege of Imrik. It is said that the primordial god Surtur appeared, using his blade Aratourn to smash a great hole in the walls of the Volgad capital. He disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

When the walls of Imrik were breached, in an obvious violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, the attackers were met by an elite guard girded by Arcana. The Šukhan, mighty and noble defenders, remained behind to cover the retreat of stragglers and delay certain doom.

Imrik held out long enough. By the fifth year of the conflict, the majority of the population had already left Borngring. They went north through Steirgar and into Cinyossion. It was our hope that the giants would not pursue us north.

- Gûnê, 4th Principal of the 3rd Tier Scholar of Tamlêrran - "Imrik Migration"


The war ended with the fall of Imrik. The Volgads moved their entire population north to Cinyossion, reestablishing themselves at Aphelzâk.

Two decades later, after a war to unify the giants tribes, Kelksorli became the First King of Hofthorm.

Notable Battles
  • Siege of Imrik