CategoryHigher Powers
RacePlatinum Dragon
Alignmentlawful good
Symbolplatinum dragon head
DomainAir, Cold, Dragon, Good, Protection
Born9 Bloom 78 DE
Godhood1 Hollow 9275 GE

Of the Wahliik bloodline, Bahamut is a platinum dragon, the only of his kind. His status is a special one, or at least once was, for he can mate with any dragon and the offspring will be that of their mother. He and several others, all unique dragons, were given this trait because they were to kick-start the Dragon race.

Bahamut was one of several mighty dragons that fought in the early eras two great conflicts, the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War. He was then not yet a god, but of such power that he could possibly have gone toe-to-toe with any one of them. One of his long running conflicts was with Hettar. They fought a dozen times, each ending with Bahamut beating a hasty retreat. These battles happened over a period of several centuries. During this time, Bahamut acquired mastery of the arcane and used that knowledge to find a way to defeat Hettar. Bahamut imbued the blood of a previously defeated primordial, one combining the body of a hydra with the heads looking like that of the medusa, and then consumed it before what would be his last fight with Hettar. The concoction temporarily made one of Bahamut's breath weapons have the effect of holy petrification. This breath attack caused Hettar to go rigid and fall back into the waters of Rumak. Although it did not kill the primordial, it succeeded in knocking him out of the Creation War.

In 9250 GE, he and Geb trapped Kerath. This Progeny of Baltalas was chained under a pile of rubble with what become known as the Kerath Anchors.

During the Demon Spawn War, another war broke out in the Aerie of Dragons. This conflict was the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), which pitted the armies of Bahamut versus those of a dragon abomination called Tiamat. After defeating Tiamat, and driving her out of the realm, Bahamut left Bal-Kriav for Nawenglorûs. In 9275 GE, Bahamut ascended to godhood. His first followers were a small number of soldiers from the Nonvul Viing. A decade later, the Khage were influenced by a silver dragon proselytizer to take up worship of Bahamut. In 9370 GE, his faith spread to the people of Diiv Revakaad.

At the height of the Zeymah'kein Empire, Bahamut was a greater god. When this empire fell, Bahamut lost so much divine power that he became a lesser power. He learned a valuable lesson, one eventually learned by all Higher Powers, that is to avoid worshipper concentration. Today, worship of Bahamut tends to be widespread with only a few areas of major worship.

Many place names of the Aerie of Dragons were named by Bahamut and his team of record keepers. In the God Era, it was becoming common practice, with leaders and others giving places more fitting names over their generic code designations on battle maps.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
BathorPruziig Sken
Council of BileVodrerak
Divine Empire
Tári Súrion
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Legendary Scales+30 divine armor bonus
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Dragon Energydeal additional +1 damage from one type of energy (fire, cold, electricity, sound, etc.) attack, energy types can be switched once per monthnone
Dragon Armor+1 divine bonus to ACpriests