Phanêthil, capital of the Black Tide
OwnerBlack Tide of Thasmudyan
Founded1 Witchrite 882 HE

Phanêthil was built in the Horgon Era by the Abâthigûr. When the Durkoth departed the surface for the depths (c.f. Durkoth Descent), the place fell into ruins.

After the fall of Abâthigûr, the ruins became of interest to necromancers, adventurers and those seeking ancient knowledge and powerful magic items.

In 1015, Melephaeusa began the evacuation of the Moredhel valley. Threatened with the Gulimbor Catacyslm, they resettled nearly 50,000 people on Gathrot. Phanêthil became their new home. Brought down by the machinations of the lich Caliguworm, the Melephaeusans lasted only thirteen years in this city.

In 1039, Phanêthil became the birthplace of the Cult of Worms. In 1092, work began on the shrine where Thasmudyan became a Higher Power. This unholy edifice is called the Basilica of Thasmudyan.

In the Artery War (1546 - 1554), the Black Tide was driven from Brucrumus. The leaders and the lucky few made their way to Necrocrypt where they began rebuilding this ancient Abâthigûr city, their new capital. The rebuilding began with Dax Jagg. After a falling out with Katrana, he moved to the Mularûn ruin where work started on its rebuilding.

Phanêthil is an unholy place where undead roam freely. By day this is mostly skeletons. At nights, ghosts, wraiths, and ghouls come out. Prisoners are often drugged and placed in the center of the city by day, where they wake-up at nightfall to the nightmarish howls of the infernal creatures roaming the dark and shadowy streets. Adding to the dangers of the city, is a poisonous green gas which seeps from sewer grates. Beneath these grates is the ghoul-infested sewers and laboratories where unspeakable deeds are carried out.

The city is an area of corruption, its heart the Basilica of Thasmudyan. This comes in the form of "evil weather", gloomy overcast skies and a constant drizzle.

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