Mir'piamauza Civil War

Period1608 HE - 1612 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons

This civil war ended the thousand year reign of Mir'piamauza Empire. With the end of the Last Burn (1577 HE - 1600 HE), the conquerors had extended far. They militarily defeated Akhosia, but failed to placate the conquered peoples. Heavily militarized at the time, Mir'piamauza generals and other powerful figures tried to carve out fiefdoms for themselves. They claimed them as security zones. This caused a lot of problems back home, as did rebellious elements seeking something of their own.

Mir'piamauza's capital city Kathodrarg became a nightmarish place from this conflict. The ruins of this once great city are littered with bones and skulls from the thousands of Piamauza that perished when Kathodrarg was stricken with pestilence and disease. These poor souls perished in heavy fighting within the city. The fighting was so intense, rival factions battling it out street to street, house to house, that nobody had time to care for all the sick, so they were abandoned to die alone. It is thought that this is the reason the city is a haven for ghosts and other malevolent spirits.

The civil war splintered Mir'piamauza into city-states. Some like Kathodrarg became uninhabitable, others became easy picking by rivals.