Fire Giant

Fire Giant
Creation29 Saunas 651 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, Mortal Systems

Piranoth created the fire giants to be his military force. They were put on the worlds he created as a sign that he was there, and watching. It was nothing more than a symbol, because worlds are massive in size, someone could stake claim a hundred miles away and you might not find out about it for a decade. Some of their police actions were against Piranoth's former minions; usually frost giants or storm giants that had decided to become their own master.

The fire giants didn't become a real force, a civilization until the Creation War. By war's start, there were perhaps 20,000 of them across the universe. A number that would grow tenfold by war's end.

Today, of all the giant races of the realm, the fire giants are the most numerous and perhaps the most powerful. Some contribute this power to have come out of the Creation War, with Surtur leading twenty legions of them. They were veterans of many conflicts, not only on Bal-Kriav but other worlds stripped from Covenant control. When the primordials were defeated, Surtur went into hiding, and his troops scattered across the realm. Most went deep into the earth and hid from what they thought would happen to them. Surtur told them that the angels and gods would banish them back to Chaos where they would be lost and never have a chance to make a name for themselves. It turned out that the angelic search parties were only interesting in imprisoning or banishing the most dangerous of the primordial minions.

Since the Dawn Era, the fire giants have spread across Bal-Kriav. They have been helped in this colonization by Surtur and his control of the Great Vein of Surtur.

Racial Traits
Racial as fire giant
Energy Composition
Life Energy53%
Fire Energy23%
Negative Entropy10%
Unholy Energy8%