Gorm Krip

Period300 HE - 780 HE, 1551 - present

Formulated in the Horgon Era by disgruntled trading interests, this trade pact was met to be a rival of the Gnemdos Trade Network, the GTE. Both provided rules on security, transfer zones of responsibility, and fairness whereby the great goal was that all would benefit, perhaps not always equally, but with enough that it kept conflict down and increased the prosperity of the agreement's signatories.

This trade pact was forged during the time of the Talothand (212 HE - 780 HE). Named Gorm Krip, it followed the ideals of Primus, mercantile enterprise, and creating healthy competition; which at the time happened to be with the GTE.

The Gorm Krip made Talothand a very rich empire. Some say they were the reason the Zeymah'kein wanted war, they wanted Talothand wealth, and to be part of the old pacts and relations made between merchants scattered across a wide area beyond the Aerie of Dragons and into the deeps of distant lands. The Gorm Krip, also serving as proselytizers of Primus were not looked highly upon by those that worshiped Surtur. They saw them as using coin to get what they want, instead of the brute force methods espoused by Surtur's battle priests. When Talothand fell, the trade network fell apart. It remained in tatters, in name mostly, with conniving, double-dealing, assassinations of rivals, and general disregard of the agreement's mercantile rules. When the Surticon Empire came to power, the old ways were revived, law and order restored between the trading interests and old links reopened to distant trading partners.