Fihrreah - Sygning
Founded14 Witchrite 1603 HE

Fihrreah was founded by illithid colonists serving the elder brain Berb'othe. Their main source of brain food were the drow of Filion'lyr. When the aboleth moved into what was then a large lake covering Hlat'tar, illithid fortunes changed with them becoming food for the aboleth.

In 1891 HE, Fihrreah fell to the slave armies of Gon'tora. Fihrreah's elder brain Berb'othe sensed that the end was near, so weeks before the city's fall, she split off two buds and had these fledgling elder brains taken off to establish a new colony in areas more hospitable. One of these brain buds, the elder brain Enen'kykha, went east with her illithids and founded Ginrall.