Class15th barbarian / 10th frenzied barbarian
TitleOgre Lord
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born13 War March 1851 HE

When she had her first taste of battle, Ches'sax was old by Toomrur standards. Her delay in doing the rite of war, fighting for the Toomrur people, was her being groomed for leadership. It was a secretive thing. Natural born leaders, selected by tribal elders, were sent off to see who had the meddle to become an Ogre Lord.

Gone for three years, Ches'sax was trained in the Halls of War; she had the honor of going to all six of them. After returning from these ancient war colleges, Ches'sax was sent to the front. At the age of 18, and for the next three years, she fought in Third Gudrall War (1864 HE - 1872 HE). Coming out of this conflict highly decorated, and of great ego, Ches'sax staged a coup in Gúra; the main holdings of the region's Toomrur.

On the night of 9 War March 1872 HE, failing to capture Gúra, Ches'sax took her soldiers east where they founded the settlement of Bughor.