Mokerrian (right) and Neogi Brood Guard
CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentlawful evil
DomainDomination, Hunger
Born21 Temporal 9100 GE
Godhood14 Witchrite 1426 HE

Mokerrian is often referred to as the Ravager. A product of Covenant experimentation, with a serpent-like neck connected to a spider's body, Mokerrian was the first Neogi. Created in secret, a Covenant investigation of a secret military lab resulted in her escape along with many other oddities. Stowed away in a baggage train, destined for a world being picked over by demons, she ended up on Cryphoeca. For the rest of the Demon Spawn War, she battled the demons and grew her neogi army. Much debated, the neogi population was said to have all come from Mokerrian. Covenant agents under Lukoon learned that Mokerrian used giant spiders for fertilization. This resulted in smaller, and less demon looking versions of their creator. Mokerrian's control over the neogi population, the sole mother, became a problem for neogi who also had the desire to dominate, be master of their creations. Phalagas added a footnote to Lukoon's intelligence report - "tainted by demon beginnings, the whole race are vile, ravagers, destroyers of civilization, eating themselves to starvation". Mokerrian was killed by neogi that ganged up on her when she was most vulnerable, delivering another brood of hundreds.

Mokerrian's rise to godhood came in the Horgon Era. Devoid of religion, it started with Arachnidion's neogi. It was a self-serving desire, Arachnidion wanted an edge against their enemies. Mokerrian was already a cultural hero, so they turned this into worship. After centuries of proselytizing, and crusading, the divine power generated by the multitude of worshipers led to Mokerrian's rebirth. On 14 Witchrite 1426 HE, she became the neogi's first god.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
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